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Who we are as a Partner.

Together we are the serious partner that our customers lack. We are here to help you and make your everyday life easier. What is important to us is: • Cooperation – Together we must create a good business. • Service – We are here for the customers and to meet their needs. • Quality – We never deliver something we do not own can wait. • Flexibility – We are present 24-7-365 for our customers. • Delivery security – Our goal is 99%. We make our customers’ everyday lives easier, and we can only do that by working together.


What can we offer?

We produce all types of larger aluminum and steel constructions. In addition, we offer MAN Power. And we can also supply everything you have ask. Our many years of experience ensure your company, which price and quality hold every time we deliver a subcontract, or we can also be the main contractor for large and small projects. In our workshops, we have flexible capacity so we can just meet your requirements the company has for the current task. We have performed many exciting tasks for our customers.



We always prepare offers according to drawings and in close dialogue with you as a customer. • We perform everything from new constructions to renovation and repair tasks. • We also perform special tasks, prepared together with our customers. • We have a very low hourly rate in the workshop, due to our low cost the ability to keep our talented people employed in the workshop rather than losing them to the other side. • Our customers have free access and supervision possible production (outsourcing) at the workshop here in Vojens. • We scale your organization as needed there. • You will be assigned a permanent contact person with knowledge of your needs in the company, which can also help with follow-up on the project to achieve the agreed goals.


Our crew

We also work as a crew supplier and employ skilled labor from all over the EU at competitive prices. Among other things, we deliver to the metal, steel and shipbuilding industries throughout the Nordic region. If necessary, we supply cars, tools, houses, welding machines, work clothes etc. as well as the employees’ opportunity Chairman. Among other things, we advise over the following professional groups: • Blacksmiths • Plumbers • Certificate welders • Shipbuilders • Sheet metal workers • Installers Painters and sandblasters + many others. Prices depend on requirements for skills, salary, applicable agreements, local agreements, etc. Our foreign people expect a working week of 45-65 hours per week. Therefore, we offer a fixed rate for the first 55 hours a week as it can both create more value with you, as well as a greater income for the folks. They like to be in Denmark for 4-8 weeks at a time and take 1-3 weeks at home, depending on how far they live, etc.


Our workshop

We have more than 5,000 m2 forging workshops in Vojens and Skagen, which are under crane coverage (up to 10,000 kg.). Due to a good interior design and door size 6 x 8 meters, there is a basis and opportunity for the production of objects on a large scale. We are certified according to: • DS-EN 1090 EXC 3 • DS-EN ISO 3834-2